Monday, September 28, 2009

Cinefile: Robert De Niro with Quentin Tarantino

You may of heard our host Matt Burden mention this on the recent "True Romance" episode, and i figured people might now be intrested in checking this out. This is the program "Cinefile" and in this episode they profiled Robert De Niro and had Quentin Tarantino basically give his thoughts on the actor in terms of his craft, style, directors he choses to work with, and some of his standout performances.

One thing i noticed when watching this was that Tarantino calls out De Niro as basically not being an exciting actor anymore towards the end which i found quite a ballsy move for a young director on the rise at the time (Keep in mind De Niro was still seen as an untouchable actor at this time by most people, cinephile and mainstream audience alike).

He says that he needs to take more chances and pick more "dangerous" roles (contrasting his career to that of Harvey Keitel who had been picking more "dangerous" parts including a role in Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" which garned him much acclaim), or he will grow stale. De Niro oddly enough did start doing this for awhile including a role in Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" a few years later, but has kind of sadly turned into exactly the kind of actor Tarantino feared he would become back then. Intresting definetly, atleast from a historical point of view.

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